Do students have to be homeschooled in order to participate in HST?
No. HST Cultural Arts, Inc. (HST) is primarily for the home schooled student but is open to students with flexible scheduling.

Where are you located?
HST does not have one permanent site. We rent space from several locations throughout Montgomery for our classes. Our shows are performed at a professional theater.

What ages are your programs for?
Our classes begin for 6 year olds and continue through senior year in high school.

Can you participate in HST after you graduate from highschool?
Since HST was established for home schooled students, we do not offer courses beyond senior year in high school. However, opportunities do exist for HST alumni to continue participation in the program by teaching courses or offering tech support for our shows.

How did you get started?
HST was born during a simple conversation between friends in the summer of 1995. These three mothers saw a need to bring professional level cultural arts programs to home schooled students. That fall they hired a professional director and started a drama troupe with 20 students. Fourteen years later, there are over two dozen directors/teachers and 200+ students in four different drama troupes, 16 dance classes, 5 acting classes, a tech program, a costume program, a Boys Vocal program and a Broadway Choir.

What is HST’s mission?
HST’s mission is to provide professional level training in the cultural arts to students with flexible scheduling and to make wholesome family entertainment accessible and affordable to the community.

What is HST’s goal?
HST’s goal is to make every student feel valued.  We accomplish this by providing a positive, Christian-principled environment where each student is valued..

Do you have to be Christian to participate in HST?
HST welcomes students of any race or religion. Although we are committed to providing a Christian-principled environment in the cultural arts, HST is not religiously affiliated.

Why do you require parents and students to sign a Policies Contract and Waiver?
HST believes that our families have a right to know what is expected of them concerning attendance, payment, uniform, and behavior. By requiring students/parents to sign our Policies Contract, we know that everyone understands the expectations. The Waiver, is a requirement of the insurance company that provides liability insurance for HST. We would not be able to rent space for our programs without this insurance.

When can you register for HST’s programs?
Our registration season is from mid May through July 1 for the non-auditioned programs. These classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registrations must include a deposit check, policies contract, and waiver. Our four troupes: Gaithersburg, Junior, Senior, and Shakespeare, require an audition. Auditions are held in May.

Why are students required to take an Acting class before they can audition for a Troupe?
In order to provide a fully staged, high quality production, the directors expect a basic level of theatrical training from all of the students. HST’s acting classes provide a medium to prepare the students for what is expected of them on stage.

Do your Acting students get to perform in a show?
Yes, our Acting 1 & 2 classes, dance classes and Broadway Choir perform in our SHOWCASE show. This show has three performances, held at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre in Rockville, Maryland.

Why don’t you include your Overture students in your SHOWCASE show?
This program is for our youngest students (ages 6 through 8). We want their first performance experience to be completely relaxed. Having a final in-class performance/demonstration gives them their moment to “shine” without the stress of coordinating with other groups.

Is HST a federal non-profit organization?
Yes. HST is a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit. All donations made to HST are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Can I get a copy of HST’s financial statements?
Yes. A copy of HST’s financial statement from the most recently completed fiscal year is available upon written request mailed to HST, PO Box 150, Rockville, MD 20848. Documents filed in accordance with the Maryland Charitable Solicitations Act may be obtained from the Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis, MD 21401. In either case, the cost of copying and postage may be required, as allowed by law.